About Us

We are the 7%. Pocket7 was formed in 2012 solely to break the mold and make it on our own. 7 is the lucky number leading the brand, but we believe in making our own luck. With the Perfect number, we aim to bring you the perfect product in the form of Pocketwear. Clean, cut & Sewn Premium cotton Pocket t-shirts. We hail from Tampa Florida, so we make t-shirts for comfort and for style. What we thought was the beginning was a long lesson in perseverance and self sufficiency. A lesson that caused us to take hiatus until now. We found a lot of excuses for lack of execution but we have a responsibility to our peers and the eyes looking up at us. Our goal on our return remains the same, for us and for the 7% faithful: No Empty Pockets.


"The People's Champ Must be Everything the People Can't Be"